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Temporary Schedule Change!

Temporary Schedule Change! published on No Comments on Temporary Schedule Change!

Hey there! This update is to let you know that we are changing the public update schedule for Follower for at least the next couple of months. The comic will update bi-weekly instead of weekly. Patreon and Gumroad supporters will see no change, since I’ll still continue uploading new stuff as I work on it.

Our landlords have, unfortunately, decided to end our lease, and we are currently looking for a new place to live and trying to get our stuff sorted and packed up. This wasn’t completely unexpected, since we were planning to move sometime this year anyway, but it does move up the timeline a little bit and it is a little bit stressful. Spacing out the comic a little will help me get it drawn at a more reasonable pace and still deal with all of this stuff that needs to be dealt with. 

As usual, if you want to help keep the comics going by keeping us alive and sheltered, you can subscribe to our Patreon or Gumroad! Or buy something from our shop.

If you are a creative type, and want to make any kind of drawn/written/musical/amazing fanart, I would love to display it during the “off” weeks. Send an email to bug [at] messenger-comic [dot] com if you’re interested. 

Thanks again for your support and readership! It means a lot, especially during all of this nonsense. 

The Comic Might Be Late (a comic)

The Comic Might Be Late (a comic) published on No Comments on The Comic Might Be Late (a comic)

Some things have been going on this past week, which look like they’re threatening to go into next week and beyond. I am exhausted and have barely had time to look at the next upcoming page. Here’s a very condensed version of things.

the comic might be late, by bug

In short: the raccoon has been safely removed, we have been blamed for inviting (?????) the raccoon into our home, and the threat of eviction remains very real. During a global pandemic. That Delade and I have spent the past year doing everything within our power to avoid catching. Anyway, I feel like screaming, and if you’d like to help us get out of this situation dealing with people who are absolutely bonkers (“wacky,” to use the term of my mental health professional), I’ve started a moving fund on our Ko-Fi. Buying comics on Gumroad or subscribing to our Patreon helps, too.

Thanks for reading. *goes to pass out*

Returning from hiatus!

Returning from hiatus! published on No Comments on Returning from hiatus!

Most important stuff first: Follower will be returning from hiatus on October 28, 2020! It has been approximately forever, but I’ve got the rest of the chapter finally completed and ready to start posting.

If you want to read the rest of the chapter right now, Patreon supporters at all pledge levels can read pages 25-32 in their entirety. For as little as $1, you can quell your suspense and find out what’s up in the camp before everyone else. (And help support the comic while you’re at it!)

I’m thrilled to get back to posting and to start working on the next chapter. That’s part of the reason for the two-week break between now and the official start. Delade and I will be working on getting the script finalized and creating the cover. Some of this stuff will happen on the Patreon-only streams I’ve been doing, so you can see stuff even further in advance! More info on Patreon or on

It’s been a wild year in a lot of ways, and we appreciate your patience during this very extended break. See you back here on the 28th!

Drawing live now! Click to view!