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Streams this week! (6/6-6/10)

Streams this week! (6/6-6/10) published on No Comments on Streams this week! (6/6-6/10)

I’m streaming again this week! Hopefully it’ll be a little more on track compared to last week. I wasn’t feeling so good on a couple of days I had planned to be on, but I spent the weekend sleeping in so I think things’ll be better!

Anyway, here’s what I have planned this week:

All streams this week start at 8:30 PM eastern, except Saturday!

MONDAY 6/6: Working on artwork and playing a game afterward. I’m not sure which game yet, might be Pokemon, might be Caves of Qud, might be something else!

WEDNESDAY 6/8: Continuing my Caves of Qud adventure as Nyla the mutant laser turtle! 

FRIDAY 6/10: Pokemon Emerald cart rescue mission! (Or I might plug in FireRed or Sapphire to see what’s there, I haven’t peeked at those in a long time, either.) 

BONUS! SATURDAY 6/11: This is a little more casual but I might pop on Saturday afternoon while I’m working on some miscellaneous comic page updates for the new website. I’ve listed the time as 3 PM eastern on Twitch, but that might change. Check Twitch or my Twitter to see what’s up!

As usual, follow me over on Twitch to get notifications when I’m going live! And come join us in the Discord, too!

Friday Night Doodle Zone: Sketch Giveaway Edition!

Friday Night Doodle Zone: Sketch Giveaway Edition! published on No Comments on Friday Night Doodle Zone: Sketch Giveaway Edition!

Tonight (4/29/22) at 8:30 PM eastern time I’m doing an art request stream tonight on Twitch! Come hang out while I draw or request your own drawing for any amount you feel like donating! The amount of time I spend on it and detail I put in depends on the size of your donation, so it can be super fun and fast and silly or more serious and detailed! You never know how these streams will go!

As part of tonight’s stream, I’m also giving away a free sketch request at the end of the stream! I’ll announce when it starts, but all folks who are active in the chat after that time period will be eligible to make a free sketch request. The winner will be drawn randomly from active participants!

Whether you’re making a request or just hanging out, I hope to see you there!

Comic page streams! Help me get more viewers!

Comic page streams! Help me get more viewers! published on No Comments on Comic page streams! Help me get more viewers!

Hey there! I’ve started streaming comic art more regularly. I find it’s a good way to keep myself planted at my computer and get more work done. So I thought it would be a good idea to try for Twitch Affiliate and possibly try to get paid a little bit for work I’m technically already doing. So far I meet 3 of the 4 necessary requirements to become a Twitch Affiliate – I’ve got the right number of followers, hours streamed, and days – but I don’t have enough average viewers compared to the number of hours I’ve streamed. I need a minimum of 3, and I haven’t quite made it.

If you’re interested in seeing sneak peeks at new Follower pages, you can hop into one of my streams and check out what I’m working on. I’m also around for questions and general chat. If you’re there watching, it’ll help my viewer count! It doesn’t cost you anything other than having a Twitch account, and possibly spending time watching, and it’ll potentially help support the comic in a long-term way.

I stream regularly a few days a week, with streams at other hours on off-days. There’s a widget here on the Follower site that will notify you if I’m currently live!

Follow me on Twitch here!

Thanks for reading, and thanks for your help!

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