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An assortment of updates

An assortment of updates published on No Comments on An assortment of updates

Hey hey, it’s been a minute! Here are a few updates that may be of interest to Follower-reading folks!

I’ve been in physical therapy for my hand and joint issues and it’s going well. I’m slowly building up my strength and at my latest appointment the results were measurably improved. I may still be slow putting out new updates for a while as I work on rebuilding my hand strength, but rest assured that I haven’t given up on comics!

I’ve started my return to streaming, mostly as a way to hold me accountable to making pages, but also because it’s fun. I keep my schedule up to date on my Twitch page ( but I also try to post it everywhere else. Right now I’m aiming for once a week, but as I improve I’ll likely be working more days in where I can.

Related: I have been uploading a backlog of both art and game streams to our Youtube page, so if you’ve missed out on past streams or just want to listen to me ramble for hours on end, I’ve got your back with a bunch of playlists: check out our Youtube channel here! Give us a follow to keep up on whatever new thing we’re working on at the moment.

I don’t have a solid date for a return to Follower updates yet, but I am doing my best to work on it while also not injuring my hand. Chio Club folks have gotten a few peeks at what I’m up to, but I’m working on increasing that output a little bit as I’m able to.

As usual, thanks for your patience, support, and continued readership! This story is far from over, I just have to get my hands working properly again and then I’ll be unstoppable. This could get dangerous.

Streams this week! (6/6-6/10)

Streams this week! (6/6-6/10) published on No Comments on Streams this week! (6/6-6/10)

I’m streaming again this week! Hopefully it’ll be a little more on track compared to last week. I wasn’t feeling so good on a couple of days I had planned to be on, but I spent the weekend sleeping in so I think things’ll be better!

Anyway, here’s what I have planned this week:

All streams this week start at 8:30 PM eastern, except Saturday!

MONDAY 6/6: Working on artwork and playing a game afterward. I’m not sure which game yet, might be Pokemon, might be Caves of Qud, might be something else!

WEDNESDAY 6/8: Continuing my Caves of Qud adventure as Nyla the mutant laser turtle! 

FRIDAY 6/10: Pokemon Emerald cart rescue mission! (Or I might plug in FireRed or Sapphire to see what’s there, I haven’t peeked at those in a long time, either.) 

BONUS! SATURDAY 6/11: This is a little more casual but I might pop on Saturday afternoon while I’m working on some miscellaneous comic page updates for the new website. I’ve listed the time as 3 PM eastern on Twitch, but that might change. Check Twitch or my Twitter to see what’s up!

As usual, follow me over on Twitch to get notifications when I’m going live! And come join us in the Discord, too!

Streaming Schedule and Discord Events!

Streaming Schedule and Discord Events! published on No Comments on Streaming Schedule and Discord Events!

Hey comic readers! Here’s a little bit of news from House Chio!

I’m doing game streams a couple of nights this week! I’ll be back to art streams next week, but I need to schedule in some fun for myself because I’ve been bad at giving myself a break lately!

WED 5/25: Continuing my Caves of Qud run! (9:00 PM eastern)

FRI 5/27: Pokemon Emerald on my Gamecube via Game Boy Player! (8:30 PM eastern)

I’m trying to build up a little community hub on our Discord! Anyone can join, with extra perks for Chio Club folks. 

We are currently trying to put together our first community event, which will probably happen in June! There are some polls up in our events channel to help pick what and when. Right now our options are some kind of casual community game night, movie night, or art challenges. We’ll probably eventually do all of these in time, but we need to pick the very first one!

Come hang out with us! The Discord is meant to be a friendly and welcoming space, and it’s not super busy, so it’s pretty chill. We’d love to have you around!

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