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Create a Chio 2: The Chio Crew

Create a Chio 2: The Chio Crew published on No Comments on Create a Chio 2: The Chio Crew

Chapter 8 of Follower is coming up soon, and there’s a new opportunity for you to join the ranks of the Cottontail Base Vloxen Geneticists and create your own Chio to cameo in the new chapter!

Commissions for custom Chio characters are now open on our Ko-Fi page and as a new tier on our Patreon! You’ll be able to customize your character’s name, fur, hair, and eye color, hairstyle, and personality, and I’ll work with you to come up with a character that’ll fit into the world of the comic. A short version of your character’s bio will be added to the cast page with a link to where to find them. You’ll also receive a full-body illustration of your character with reference data, as shown below!

Ali, created in Create a Chio Round 1, appears on several pages in Chapter 5!

When you become a Vloxen geneticist, you’ll also get special access to the Cottontail Base section of our Discord so you can discuss your upcoming cameo Chios in secret! You can also hang out in the regular parts of our Discord over here!

The base price for a cameo Chio is $50 for a single-page appearance, but for $150 your character will appear on at least 3 pages with the possibility of a speaking part. (Speaking parts are limited.) These commissions will close near the end of February to ensure there is time to design the character and get them into the comic!

For more details and terms, check out the commissions page on our Ko-Fi!

Streams, Commissions, and Other News

Streams, Commissions, and Other News published on No Comments on Streams, Commissions, and Other News

A couple of new things this week – starting with the fact that the comic will be late this week due to, uh, circumstances. I’m doing my best to catch up as quickly as I can.

It’s time once again for the Friday Night Doodle Zone Stream! Hop onto our Twitch channel on Friday night (3/12/21 at 8 PM EST) and request a doodle. Doodles are pay-what-you-want via Ko-Fi, and the more you pay, the more detailed your drawing will be! This could work out to be awesome or hilarious, or both! 

Be sure to follow us on Twitch for notifications when we’re live, and we’ll see you on Friday!

I am also tentatively re-opening commission tiers on our Patreon. The slots are limited so I don’t get overwhelmed, but if you’ve ever been interested in a commission now is a great time to get one! You can get either a black and white or colored drawing of one character for either $10 or $25 respectively.

Last call for Create a Chio! (With new options!)

Last call for Create a Chio! (With new options!) published on No Comments on Last call for Create a Chio! (With new options!)

We’re officially halfway through this chapter of Follower, and there are opportunities on almost every page up until the end for character cameos! I’ve added an extra pricing tier for a smaller cameo appearance on just one page at a lower rate. If you’d like to leave your mark on Follower as a Vloxen/Chio geneticist, check out this page or leave a comment for more information!

It’s that time of year again! No, not Chiomas! I’m currently looking to cover my 2017 webhosting, which includes Follower, Messenger, and Radio Chio. If you contribute anything to my Ko-Fi, I’ll send you a thank you Chio doodle in return! You can also contribute via Patreon or buying something from the shop, but those come with their own rewards.

As always, sharing Follower with your friends is much appreciated! The best way to help support the comic is to help it find new readers.

Drawing live now! Click to view!