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Comic art stream tonight! And other news

Comic art stream tonight! And other news published on No Comments on Comic art stream tonight! And other news

We’re back to sort of a normal streaming schedule again this week, and with some extra good news: I finally made it to Twitch Affiliate! This means that if you pop in and watch while I’m making comics or playing a game, you’ll be helping support the comic via the tiny slice of ad revenue share I get. 

Additionally, unlocking affiliate has opened up a bunch of new fun stuff you can do! Just by hanging out and watching the stream, you’ll collect channel points, which in my case are known as Chio Coins! You can spend them on all kinds of ✨fabulous prizes,✨ and if you save up enough you can even request a free sketch during an art stream!

Here are my plans for this week:

All streams start at 8:30 PM eastern time!

MONDAY 6/27: Drawing and then doing some Caves of Qud chores

WEDNESDAY 6/29: Caves of Qud: Laser turtle adventures continue!

FRIDAY 7/1: Friday Night Mystery stream! Art? Games? All of the above? I haven’t decided yet!

Times are subject to change; the best place to watch for changes is on Twitch!

July Community Event: Follower Meme-Off

July Community Event: Follower Meme-Off published on No Comments on July Community Event: Follower Meme-Off
You can definitely make something better than this. I believe in you.

It’s almost July, and that’s when Follower’s ninth anniversary is! In celebration of this, we’re holding a Follower Meme-Off Challenge in the Discord! Make your own memes based on anything in the comic and submit them in the thread on the server by July 24, which (not coincidentally) is Follower’s ninth anniversary! 

You can make and submit as many memes as you’d like. You can vote for as many memes as you’d like. The meme that gets the most votes wins, and the winning creator gets to request a new emote for the server which I will create! 


  • Must be SFW (swearing is ok, because there’s swearing in the comic)
  • You can use any art from the comic, or Bug’s art, or draw your own
  • Post it to the thread on the server in the events channel
    • By posting, you’re agreeing to give other people permission to use your meme, and Bug & Delade permission to use it on the Follower site and related social media.
    • Include whatever name you’d like to be credited as, or none if you don’t want to be credited for some reason.
  • Vote for memes by adding the star reaction. (You can add any other reactions you want too, but the star is what will count as a point towards winning.)
    • You can vote as many times as you want, and you can vote for your own submission.
  • If you need tools or help in making graphics, is free and easy to use. There is also is a free, in-browser photoshop clone.

May the best meme win!

Movie night, comic updates, and community events!

Movie night, comic updates, and community events! published on No Comments on Movie night, comic updates, and community events!

Hey there! This week’s page is running a bit late but I’m working on it as we speak! Er, type. Read? Whatever.

Two three small updates:

  1. Next Friday (June 24) is Movie Night in the Radio Chio Discord! Everyone is welcome to join and be part of the server, with special extra access for Chio Club folks. It’s a small friendly server, and we’re always happy to have new folks join us! Come hang hang out with us on Discord!
  2. I’m super, super close to making affiliate on Twitch! It would be super helpful if you came to hang out and watch while I’m live, since it helps me make the needed viewer count for affiliate, which would mean extra income for the comic. If you haven’t, follow me over on Twitch for updates and notifications!
  3. If you haven’t, please check out this post and consider submitting Follower for the 2022 Drunk Duck Awards!! It would be incredibly helpful if we win in any of the suggested categories. Finding new readers is really tough in this day and age, and every little bit of extra visibility helps.

Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you around one of these community events soon!