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Streams, Commissions, and Other News

Streams, Commissions, and Other News published on No Comments on Streams, Commissions, and Other News

A couple of new things this week – starting with the fact that the comic will be late this week due to, uh, circumstances. I’m doing my best to catch up as quickly as I can.

It’s time once again for the Friday Night Doodle Zone Stream! Hop onto our Twitch channel on Friday night (3/12/21 at 8 PM EST) and request a doodle. Doodles are pay-what-you-want via Ko-Fi, and the more you pay, the more detailed your drawing will be! This could work out to be awesome or hilarious, or both! 

Be sure to follow us on Twitch for notifications when we’re live, and we’ll see you on Friday!

I am also tentatively re-opening commission tiers on our Patreon. The slots are limited so I don’t get overwhelmed, but if you’ve ever been interested in a commission now is a great time to get one! You can get either a black and white or colored drawing of one character for either $10 or $25 respectively.

The Comic Might Be Late (a comic)

The Comic Might Be Late (a comic) published on No Comments on The Comic Might Be Late (a comic)

Some things have been going on this past week, which look like they’re threatening to go into next week and beyond. I am exhausted and have barely had time to look at the next upcoming page. Here’s a very condensed version of things.

the comic might be late, by bug

In short: the raccoon has been safely removed, we have been blamed for inviting (?????) the raccoon into our home, and the threat of eviction remains very real. During a global pandemic. That Delade and I have spent the past year doing everything within our power to avoid catching. Anyway, I feel like screaming, and if you’d like to help us get out of this situation dealing with people who are absolutely bonkers (“wacky,” to use the term of my mental health professional), I’ve started a moving fund on our Ko-Fi. Buying comics on Gumroad or subscribing to our Patreon helps, too.

Thanks for reading. *goes to pass out*

Drawing live now! Click to view!