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Sort of like an update

Sort of like an update published on No Comments on Sort of like an update

Hi again! It seemed like a good time to make an update on what’s going on with the comic, since some things have been happening behind the scenes.

Right now it looks like everything is all set to launch sometime in mid-to-late June. I’ve got the majority of the pages drawn up and I’m basically working on coloring them at this point. We still plan on launching with the print version available at the same time, so you can cheat and get ahead if you want. It’s been my goal from day one to make the book very affordable, so if I’ve done my math right, it should be around (or a bit less than) $10 USD. (This isn’t a guarantee; just an early estimate. Hopefully I’m right, though.) I’m also looking into a digital version which will be even less, but that’s another project. The book will contain the full first issue of the comic, along with bonus content that I’ll tell you more about once it’s closer to being a reality. Online, the comic will update with a new page every week for free – you’ll only miss out on the bonus stuff, which won’t be necessary to follow the regular story. So basically, you can read for free online, or cheat and get ahead by getting a copy of the book.

Once I’ve got more work done, I’ll probably start posting some little previews and stuff, but in the meantime I’m just working away.

Thanks for sticking with us, and we’ll see you in June! (If not sooner.)

Wednesday update delayed

Wednesday update delayed published on No Comments on Wednesday update delayed

Hey folks, Bug and I wanted to let you know that there won’t be a Debris comic tomorrow because of mitigating circumstances (mostly because we were getting ready for the worst regarding Hurricane Sandy.)

We’ve got some great stuff still in production that should be up by Sunday.

Thanks for your patience!

Welcome to Debris

Welcome to Debris published on No Comments on Welcome to Debris

So this was an idea I had as a placeholder while Bug finished drawing up Chapter 1 of Follower, sort of a “world-building” panorama of the state of the world as it exists so far.

There is a story going on in the prologue…sort of. The events chronicled during this prologue chapter are spread out over an indeterminable set of years, but how many (or rather, what year it actually is) really doesn’t matter. In the end, this segment serves as an appetizer; a taste of things to come in this new story.

Feel free to drop a comment and say “Hi!” I hope you enjoy what you see in these next few pages.