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Bug’s Got Car Problems & Other tales

Bug’s Got Car Problems & Other tales published on No Comments on Bug’s Got Car Problems & Other tales

Update July 28: We made the goal and my car is getting set back up today! I am humbled and thankful. I’m leaving my comics on sale for anyone who might have wanted to grab a copy. I also dropped a new sketch comic last night talking about…life, if you’re interested. That can be found here on my blog!

Hey hey! It has been far longer than I meant it to be since my last post here! To make a lot of long stories short, I’ve been dealing with a lot of issues from my newly-diagnosed connective tissue and heart-related disorders. It’s been a lot to deal with, more than I expected, and I learned that I can go from feeling relatively ok to not ok at all very quickly…and then I ran out of buffer pages. So it’s been kind of difficult to get back on board with making comics, but I am really trying.

I have a great team of doctors who are making huge changes to my life day by day, but they are specialists for unusual conditions like mine and are located an hour one way from where I live. My car’s registration ran out, and I need an oil change, and I can afford none of it.

So, as a last ditch attempt to try and mitigate some of this, I put all my digital comics on sale on itch and ko-fi. All I need is 9 people to buy a bundle on itch and I can fix these issues. 

If you’ve ever wanted to pick up some of the Follower bonus stories and single issues, this is the best opportunity for you and me!

Unexpected mini break week! Next page March 9!

Unexpected mini break week! Next page March 9! published on No Comments on Unexpected mini break week! Next page March 9!

Hey! This is just a quick update to let you know that Follower will not update as usual this week, but will update next week on March 9 instead. I had a small family emergency to deal with last night, and it looks like I will be doing some running around in the next few days as well. I did get some work done on the new page, and will be working over the course of the week, but I need a break, too.

When it’s done or close to done, it’ll go up early for Chio Club members. Join us on Ko-Fi or Patreon to get early pages!

Thanks for reading, and see you back here next week for the next page!

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