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Support Follower! & Streaming Info!

Support Follower! & Streaming Info! published on No Comments on Support Follower! & Streaming Info!

Hey there! This week’s page is going to be a couple of days late – it’s been a week – but it’s nearly done. I also have a couple of small updates to include!

I’ve added Gumroad as a support option if you’d like to help keep Follower running! The content is essentially the same as what you’ll get on Patreon, just in a new place for those who prefer other platforms. Check it out on Gumroad for more information.

On both Patreon and Gumroad, I’ve added a new $5 tier: Books ’n Stuff! When you pledge to this tier, you’ll get access to digital copies of the Follower comics we’ve put out so far, and you’ll get access to the new ones as they’re released! Is this a ridiculous discount? It sure is! And you can get in on it anytime, along with access to a backlog of our other material!

The last update: streaming! I’ve been streaming on and off since last year, mostly reserving actual comic work for patron-only streams. I recently polled our supporters, and came to the conclusion that folks don’t mind I I take comic work to public streams, too! So now I’ll be working on upcoming comic pages during regular Twitch streams. I’m working on some new ideas for Patreon/Gumroad exclusive streams, but I’ll post more when I have a more complete plan. I’ve also created a little “vtuber” avatar to hang out and talk while I work. You can pop in and ask questions or just chat! I’d be glad for the company. Check out my Twitch for schedule stuff and subscribe while you’re there!

Thanks for reading! Look forward to the new page in the next couple of days!

End of the Year Update!

End of the Year Update! published on No Comments on End of the Year Update!

Hey there! It’s almost the end of the year already, somehow! Just in case you missed it, we (and Follower) are taking a break until the start of 2021. We need a bit more time to get the next chapter ready to go and take a little break after pushing through the last few months. If you’d like to see the first bits of the next chapter early, please support us on Patreon! You’ll get access to new pages as they’re completed, as well as patron-only livestreams other behind the scenes stuff. You’ll also help us continue to survive the pandemic! It’s been a rough year for everyone, and we’re starting to feel it. Between my surgery back at the start of the pandemic, and our cat’s surprise visit to the emergency vet a few weeks ago, things are a little tight around here. Your support is always appreciated to help us keep going and making more comics.

For other ways to help support Follower, you can always make a one-time contribution to our Ko-Fi (and get a wallpaper download in return) or just give us a vote on TopWebComics to help us find more new readers!

In other news, the shop has been updated! You can now get physical copies of Follower chapters one and two, as well as a couple of zines I created artwork for. There are also the usual stickers and shirts, but why not check it out? 

Thanks for reading Follower for another year, and we look forward to continuing the story in January!

Happy Halloween from Follower!

Happy Halloween from Follower! published on No Comments on Happy Halloween from Follower!

Download this free wallpaper by visiting our Patreon page! Happy Halloween!

Our comics are still 50% off for the remainder of the Halloween Sale! If you’ve been waiting to get a copy of Follower, this is the best time to do it!

Drawing live now! Click to view!